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OP Prawn

OP Prawn

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Size: 3.8" / 96mm | Qty: 5pk

The Open Poured Prawn is 3.8” of pure prawn awesomeness!! There is basically no predator that swims that won’t eat a prawn or a shrimp and the OP Prawn can be rigged a number of ways to best suit getting it in front of any predators nose.

A simple jighead rig works a treat for bouncing it around less snag prone areas like sand flats and weed beds, while a weedless worm-hook set up either weighted or unweighted is great for getting it deep into heavy cover.

These are made with a medium blend which comes out quite soft due to the prawns thin profile, and makes for a very active plastic in the water. We can however do custom orders with ultra soft for maximum action or a firmer blend to withstand a bit rougher treatment! Reach out for custom orders.

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