About Us

Freshest Fishing produces custom hand made soft plastic fishing lures and other associated fishing tackle. We use the best quality materials and molds from both local and international suppliers, but manufacture our final products right here in Australia - operating out of a small backyard workshop. FFT isn't about big scale manufacturing, we are small time, and just like to pour or inject whatever tickles our fancy on the day. Every soft plastic you’ll find here is hand made in small batches, and for this reason you'll probably notice that the colour ranges available on our lures will vary a lot and are often quite random! If you want something specific or a colour we regularly make, no problems - reach out and we'll make what you need. Otherwise we’ll just be mixing up what ever colours or crazy concoction has popped into mind - and if it isn't half bad (and we don't keep them all for ourselves), you'll see it pop up online!

Meet Dale, FFT Founder

I grew up on the Mid North Coast of NSW around the Coffs Harbour region and have always loved light tackle lure fishing in the many local estuaries & rivers. But I am passionate about a wide range of fishing that my local area has to offer so I'll often be throwing lures around the estuaries one day, and offshore chasing snapper the next.
I spent over 15 years in the fishing tackle industry, several years as a fishing guide around the local area and a lifetime fishing and exploring the East Coast of Australia. I simply love to be on the water, or doing something that relates to getting me there!

Freshest Fishing's Origins

Freshest Fishing was born out of my passion of Fresh Water and Estuary Fishing, but has become so much more! It originated as personalised guided fishing trips in the local estuaries of the NSW Mid North Coast - known as Freshest Fishing Tours, but manifested into soft plastic production when guiding wasn't viable around the 2020-2021 era (but lets not talk about that time period...)

A new passion was discovered once the first soft plastic was pulled from its mold, and since then Freshest Fishing moved away from guiding, and has focused on creating custom soft plastics and other tackle items.


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