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Pinnow 4”

Pinnow 4”

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Size: 4" / 100mm | Qty:8pk

The Pinnow is a slender pin tailed minnow, but unlike our larger Hypor Shad, it is a flat sided bait which gives it a very slim and finesse profile in the water.

The Pinnow is best fished on a lightweight jighead up to about 1/8oz. My personal favourite is the Nitro Bream Pro 1/16th oz on a #1 hook for a reasonably slow sink rate into snags or around other structure. If going with weights 1/8th or heavier you may need to trim the nose slightly to suit the style jighead you prefer, depending on your desired rigging profile. Depending on your preferred jighead, a #1/0 hook size is as big as you want to go - #1 & #2 fit best.

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