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OP Swimbait

OP Swimbait

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Open Poured Swimbaits: hand poured, custom and one-off colours. Available in 4", 5", 6" & 7.25"!

The 7.25" & 6" Open Poured Swimbaits are awesome big paddle tail swimbaits ideal for our awesome big Aussie predators - Jew, Barra, Cod and big Flatties! And sometimes you need to scale it down and put something a little smaller in front of those predators, and the 5" & 4" are great for that too!

All sizes have a hook slot and are great for fishing a big weedless hook, but it also has enough meat in the head to accomodate the big jig heads we like to run for Jew, Barra & Flathead. The big 7.25" can also be poured as a solid body (no hook slot - ideal for rigged with X-Large jigheads)

As these are one off, custom made lures, pack sizes and prices will vary depending on what we've made. We will normally try and pack them in a pack of 4 for the 4" or 5", and pack of 2 for the 6" or 7.25", but will list it in the options if it varies.

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