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OP Jerk Shad

OP Jerk Shad

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Size: 5" / 125mm | Qty: 5pk*

The Open Poured 5” Jerk Shad is one of the Freshest Crews absolute favourites - not only can we play around with all sorts of unique colour designs, but the non-traditional triangular tail gives it an awesome erratic action in the water. 

We can also pour them with either a shallow or deep hook slot - the deep hook slot creates a larger/deeper belly slot, which makes the body a little softer and is better suited to fishing weedless worm hooks as the hook exposes easier when a fish eats. The shallower hook slot however stiffens up the body a little and leaves a bit more plastic for a jighead to be fitted, but still work fine with a weedless rig.

We usually pour these with the shallower hook slot to keep them a little more universal for rigging both weedless or on a jighead, but can do either upon request.

The Open Poured 5" Jerk Shad will come in a pack of 5 (custom and/or complex pours may vary in pack qty or price). Rigging on a jighead we like to use hook sizes from #2/0 to #5/0 depending on the target species and situation.

*Pack quantity will occasionally vary on hand poured models dependant on how many were made. If qty varies from the standard 5pk, it will be listed against the colour name.

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