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Jerk Shad 3.75"

Jerk Shad 3.75"

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Size: 3.75" / 95mm | Qty: 8pk

The trusty Jerk Shad has always been a reliable style for all sorts of species and fishing situations. 

We found the 3.75" / 95mm to be the perfect size for imitating the smaller baitfish species in the estuaries of the NSW Mid North Coast, and as such we always ensure to have plenty in a range of different colours in the kit when hitting the river.

The Jerk Shad comes in a pack of 8, and with its tapered nose, is well suited to running lighter weight, smaller size profile jig heads, however its body shape can accomodate a hook size up to around a #2/0.

My pick is a 1/12oz #1 Nitro Bream Pro when fishing shallow, but a 1/8oz #1/0 is also a great match for fishing a little deeper. If you're like me and like your lure profile to be really neat, I'll often trim a tiny bit of the nose when running a 1/8 or 1/6oz.

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