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Hypor Shad 4"

Hypor Shad 4"

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The Hypor Shad is a slender tailed jerk shad style bait, with a shape that closely mimics a garfish, but its swimming action can replicate just about any fleeing baitfish that predators large and small fancy.

The 4" model comes in a pack of 8, and is best fished on a #1 or #1/0 Jighead such as the Nitro Stealth. Weights from 1/16oz to 1/6oz will work depending on desired sink rate, but a 1/12oz seems spot on for the best action unless you have deep water or fast current to deal with a need to go heavier. If thats the case, a 1/8 or 1/6oz works well will a slight nose trim helpful to keep the rigging tidy, alternatively a 1/6oz #1/0 Nitro Stealth works great for a heavier weight option with no need to trim down the nose.

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