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Freshest Fishing

Freshest Face Scarfs

Freshest Face Scarfs

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Call them whatever you want - Neck-sock-head-scarf-face-tube things... 

They are simply a must have for every fisho, and every situation. Made from stretchy and comfortable polyester microfibre, they will help to keep you cool and protected from the sun on hot days, warm and protected from the cold on cool and windy days and nights, they make a great face cover to hide your identity when stealing fishing spots and of course the last one, if your one of those people who wears a mask while driving alone... these don't have those annoying ear strings.

In all seriousness though, I treat these like my sunnies and cap while fishing - sun burnt necks or freezing cold ears and nose make for uncomfortable fishing sessions, and these most simplest of solutions make a big difference on the water.

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