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Crawler 3.25"

Crawler 3.25"

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Size: 3.25" / 82mm | Qty: 8pk

The Crawler is a small creature bait, with a very craw/yabby-ish sort of profile. Its a versatile little bait that fishes well on either a jighead or weedless hook, as well as being great as a trailer for small spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and jigs.

We've found a few rigging styles that really stand out, the first is to fish it on a weedless TT NedlockZ EWG, and just slowly crawl it through weed and heavy structure like a yabby or small cray; the second is to run it as a trailer on small chatterbaits and bladed jigs - the Jackall Charablade with its free swinging hook is a favourite; and the third is to run it as a skirted jig trailer.
The legs can be separated for additional movement if desired and we've found experimenting with this as well as even pinching off some of the legs or tentacles to get the bait just how the fish want can be very effective!

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