In Stock vs Made to Order

We are a custom hand made lure manufacturer, and the majority of stock is made to order.

Occasionally we build up some stock on hand as lures are made for orders, and this will be displayed on product pages.

When we have stock ready to ship, the available quantity will be displayed. If an item simply says 'In Stock' but without a specific quantity, this means we will make it to order when your order is placed. You can also place orders for any quantity you would like on both in stock & made to order options, and we will produce your order as required.

Keep in mind however that as everything made is in small batches/one-off runs, we don’t always keep ‘regular’ color ranges available. There’s a few colours I like that I’ll keep available online and will make them to order, but If a color displayed is a one off and it sells out, I might re-make it, or I might never make it again… Don’t miss out if you see something you like!

We leave our soft plastics for several days to cure once produced, so the lead time for items that need to be made will vary.

Our hand poured models will only list stock we have available as these are almost always one-offs. Colours available will be updated as they are made or sell out.

Please Contact Us if you have questions regarding how long your specific order will take.

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