We Are Live!!!

We Are Live!!!

The new Freshest Fishing website is finally alive!

We've certainly spent a lot of time pretending to know what we are doing behind the computer, but it has come together to form something that you might call a functioning website to be able to purchase custom made Freshest Fishing Soft Plastics, and any other interesting things we come across!

You'll likely notice our colour ranges are fairly random, and will likely be like that for a while, because we only make small batches that usually come about based on either a custom order, something we want to fish with ourselves, or when we are just doing a little bit of bespoke creation. If you check back regularly you might find a few more standard colour ranges appear on some models, but for now if you see something in stock you like - jump on it quick so you don't miss out. But of course, you can always reach out with any special requests you have and we will see if we can knock something up to suit your needs.

Theres also a few more new molds on the way, so as soon as they land we will bang out a few cool colours and put them online as they become available.

So, thanks for checkout out the new site, pop in often, and we hope that there is something you like enough to purchase and support a local Aussie made business so we can keep fishing too!

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